Good Times

Summer 2015 I had the opportunity to work at Dance Place in Washington, DC. There I had the pleasure of meet many different dance artist from all around. One person that i extremely close with and share artistic abilities was Mr. Dache Green.11665497_10207050093070151_7525365868601527036_n  He and I were working in the Energizers summer camp. Because we spent almost everyday with each other and our personalities were so much alike we ended up teaching a class together. After work we would attend dance class with the other artist at DP and then have our own class, just us two. In this time we choreographed 3 dances together. These dances were just two artist haveing fun with music and movement. Our second dance we choreographed to T-Pain “Make that S**** Work” got re-posted by Mr. T-Pain himself. Overall this summer was amazing. I thank Mr. Dache for working a re-sparking my artistic ability. His positive energy, honest feedback, and every supporting friendship is something to be cherish. Thank you again for being you. Below are two of the dances we did together.


“Make the S*** Work”-T-Pain

“Single Life”– MZ. Ka’MilEon

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