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Presentation for Artrepreneur

Summer 2017, I had the opportunity to learn and grow with other Columbus Artist. We focused on using out Art as a business. We had g


The Road To __________.

This is a piece that has been in progress for the longest time. It represents my life and the frustration of the things that come my way. The bag is a symbol of most things that I carry. I presented it at The Ohio State University  1st year MFA show. Will be finished and be an evening-length work Fall 2017.

Afro-Pop & Afro-Hip Hop

May 26-June 2nd at The Ohio State University, I taught an Afro-Diaspora Popular Dance Class. In this class, I took movement from West African, South Africa, Caribbean, and America and fused them together in a class. We had a warm-up, across the floor routine and choreography made by myself. For video please go on Instagram @AmbitiousJaze

Here is the playlist for my Afro-Pop class via Spotify.


In the fall of 2016, I substituted Hip Hop classes at The Ohio State University. There I used a Hip Hop Afro-Beat infusion song for the choreography. You can look up the video on my Instagram @AmbitiousJaze

Educational Excursion

The Most recent trip out the country was to South Africa (Winter 16). There we went to Durban, Johannesburg, and Cape Town. There I did mini research on the dances there. Below is my final project.