Dedicated to the travel studies, study abroad, and adventures I’ve been on in my undergraduate experience.

South Africa (Winterim 2016)

January 2016, I was able to attend my final travel study of my graduate career. I, with 20 other students and staff, went all the way to South Africa. We visited Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg in two and half weeks. I was able to use the network from my Summer internship at Dance Place (Washington, DC) to meet with a lovely Nkosi Mbali and traveled through Soweto and the Arts community there.

For a final project, we had to create a video about out experience. Below is my last video about my knowledge gained during this experience.


Jamaica (Winterim 2015)

Fall 2014 I decided to take a travel studies class to Ghana, West Africa. Because of the Ebola outbreak in other parts of Africa, our travel studies trip to Ghana was canceled. Instead of just letting the class go to waste, the university switched our trip to Jamaica. In this class, we had to do a self-guided research, school visit with the material, as well as fundraiser for the journey. My guided research was the history and evolution of Jamaican Dance.  Most of my research came from YouTube, books, and personal interaction with people who dance. Below is my final digital story about my research.

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Brazil (Summer 2012)