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Dedicated to the projects, programs, and accomplishment I have in my life.

You will see a combination of dance, technology, and education, and more.


My Exploration Through Dance At UWW

At the National Black Student Union Conference I was asked to speak about my dance experience at Whitewater. Most of my dance experience was self guided research and opportunity seeking events. I was ale to ring together my travel studies, choreography, and campus opportunity to one place.  Below is my poster presentation that I created to present at NBSU.

jazelynn nbsu

Dance Place (Summer 2015)

dp 2015.jpg

Summer 2015, I had the pleasure to work as a Summer Camp Intern at Dance Place in DC. There I worked with children ages 5-19 for 9 week. In those 9 weeks I assisted with many different styles of dance classes, volunteered with community member, choreographers, and dancers at DP, learned about Non-Profit Management, and networked with a lot of professionals in the area of Dance. I really enjoyed working specifically with the 5 year group for enrichment. Patience and Spontaneity are the two things you need for this age group. If i could do it all again I would do so in a heart beat. Below is a thank you video Dance Place sent out to their donors talking about the summer camp.

Dance Minor Performances (Spring 15)

I was a dancer and choreographer for the 2015 Emerging Choreographer Concert Spring 2015. Below are the piece I was apart of.

Inspiration From Oshun

During my World Dance Class I researched Brazilian and Cuban Yoruba influence dances. What guided me through this search was history of the slave trade, books and YouTube video of Oshun dancer from both Brazil and Cuba, as well as community classes in Afro-Brazilian dance.

The dance is self is movement appreciation of Oshun from the Orisha religious ceremony. I looked and compared Oshun/Oxum movements in Brazil and Cuba. There were similarities with the way they would move the skirt, or foot pattern. The dynamic of the movement dance costume material was where I noticed a difference. I wonder was this because of who had enslaved them, and how it was transferred generational.

When setting on dancers, many (if not all) of them have never taken an Afro inspired dance class. The hardest thing was trying to get them not to stand up and dance. Also I was trying to encourage them to feel the beat in the song and allow the music and “spirit” to take over you (similar to how the spirits takes over the person at religious ceremonies) Overall they did a good job and performed well at the ECC concert.

Song: River by Ibeyi


What Kind Of Man

Shaina Williams


Song: What Kind of Man by Florence and the Machine

Hit the Floor

Kendra Fierro

Hip Hop

Homecoming (2014&2015)

Begin apart of the Black Student Union has allowed me to share my gifts for dance and choreography.

Fall 2014 I was asked to choreograph the homecoming variety show. With the theme “Two Peas in a Pod” (Famous Duo) BSU decided to use Kid and Play as their famous duo. This dance was a fun flash back on social dances that has been done. This was an honor to share my gift. We won 1st place and Over all show!


SweetJaze on the 1-2-3!(Fall 2013-2015)

During my Undergraduate career I was able to sign up and be apart of the 91.7 The Edge Whitewater, WI radio station. On Hip Hop Wednesday I was in charge with bring the hits between the hours of 9 pm – 2 am( varying every semester) . This was the most fun I’d ever had! I learned how to be a DJ, got to speak on the air, talk and chat with people, and have my family and friends listen to me. I was one of the smoothest DJ around. My show would had Milwaukee, Chicago, and World artist that I’ll find on Sound Cloud and Band Camp. This was my way of getting the students of whitewater “cultured.”

Motion Capture Studio

From Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 I had the opportunity to be apart of the UW-Whitewater  motion Capture Studio. There I was able to help the students and faculty add movement into their MoCap Library. Below is a video demo.


UW-Whitewater PreCollege Summer Program (Summer 2014)

I had the pleasure to teach a creative movement class for the pre-college summer camp. In this class we learned basic choreographic skills, beginning ballet jazz and hip hop technique, as well as created a “student guided” production for the end of camp. In this production I separated them into three groups poets, dancers, a

A picture of me teaching the students how to run backward in class. This was showcased on the UW-Whitewater Facebook page (2014)

ctors. I asked them a series of question: What are you doing, Theme, Location, People, etc. I also told them to be respectful and courteous to one another because we want it to be a positive show with a mission.

They came up with the idea of a house party where “he said she said” is taken place.” Overall mission is to respect one another and be positive. Below is there showcase:

The students enjoyed it. I enjoyed them. Overall the program has been taking off every since then. I am grateful for the opportunity to teach and share my passion.


Cyber Girlz (Fall 2014 & Fall 2015)

Another day, another girls’ computing camp. CyberGirlz 2015 UWW on campus mini-camp held in partnership with Northwestern Mutual and Notre Dame Middle School in Milwaukee, WI.

Posted by Christina FitScholar Outlay on Friday, December 4, 2015

“CyberGirlz is a FREE day camp designed for incoming 6th, – 12th grade girls who are interested in learning more about computer technology. Campers are instructed by a combination of UW-Whitewater staff, students and IT professionals and participate in a number of fun activities which will introduce topics ranging from digital photography to programming and web design.”-

Below is 2015 Cyber Girlz C3 event held at The Boy’s and Girls Club “Taft” in Madison, WI (2015)

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Random Fun Club (Fall 2013)


City Year Seattle/ King County (August 2012- June 2013)

“City Year is an Americorps Non-Profit education organization that works with students in grades 3rd-9th grade to help bridge the gap in education disparities. With a near-peer model corps members are able to work with student on literacy, mathematics as well as assist teachers, staff, and school with overall environment.”-My elevator speech

During the 2012-2013 school year I took a break to work with this lovely Americorps program in Seattle Washington. Even though there was a City Year in Milwaukee, WI and corps members working at my local middle school, I chose to allow headquarters to choose where I would serve. I’ve never been to Seattle nor did I have family or friends there. So this experience was new. While working for City Year I’ve met over 50 people from around the nation, I worked specifically with 16 people daily on my team. Even though I had experience with working with large teams, this was by far, for me, challenging. I can say I have grown as a leader, an educator, and a community activist. I realized that there is something out in the world greater than me and it is my (others) duties to do whats right.

In the school I worked with students from East Africa, Asia, Mexico, American born, as well as immigrants. This opened my eyes to the other side of urban education. To explain, my ideology of urban education was mostly geared towards blacks in cities, but being in Seattle where their urban population is a combination of many nation, their needs and approaches are different from my experience.

Exploring, working, and living in a brand new area allowed me to learn and appreciate myself. The “I Can” attitude was a driving force for me to continue my educational journey. Because of City Year, I was allowed to recruit at UW-Whitewater for upcoming corps years. Since then between 5-20 people have joined the CY corp team from Whitewater.

I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world.


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